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CBS (CBD) Information

This information was produced by PSP Australia in colloboration with Parkinson's Victoria.  It is intended as a guide and you should discuss all symptoms and health issues with your neurologist and health workers.


Cortico Basal Syndrome (CBS) is most commonly caused by a disease called Cortico Basal Degeneration (CBD), but "Syndrome" is the preferred term.  It is  rare neurological (brain) condition.  It is characterised by a gradual loss of brain cells in the areas of the brain responsible for movement and thinking.  CBS/CBD is a progressive condition meaning that symptoms worsen over time.  It is important that people with CBS/CBD see a neurologist (a doctor who specialises in the brain).


CBS (CBD) Help Sheets and resources

The complete set of CBS Help Sheets and other resources are available in the form of an easy to use Information Kit.

To purchase a full copy of the CBS Information Kit please download the brochure which will give you a general introduction to the condition on the back of the brochure you will find the order form CBS(CBD) Brochure and Information Kit order form pdf doc (PDF 91KB) here. Help Sheets are written in plain language and have been professionally developed with input from people living with CBS (CBD) and other health experts.


Contents Include:

Section 1:   Introduction to CBS (see below)

Section 2:   Managing Symptoms of CBS

Section 3:   Staying Independent

Section 4:   Later in life issues

For further information please contact Parkinson's Victoria direct on (03) 8809 0400 or 1800 644 189.


Section Title of Help Sheet

Section 1:

Introduction to CBS


What is Cortico Basal Syndrome? pdf doc (PDF 63KB)



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