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This is where you can share your experiences of living with PSP and learn from others.

To contribute your own story*, please contact
PSP Australia, via Parkinson's Victoria on (03) 9581 8700 or email

Note: We reserve the right to publish stories contributed to this website at our own discretion and to edit contributions prior to publication.

Boyd Groome
"Hi my name is Boyd Groome ... I was diagnosed with PSP approximately 5 years ago (at the young age of 43)... Given that a great deal of discussion revolves around the carers/partners of PSP suffers, I would like to take this opportunity to share my short perspective as a PSP Challenger. I use the word 'challenger', as I feel that the words 'patient' and 'suffer' have too many negative connotations!..."
Read More: Boyd Groome - PSP Challenger (PDF 50KB)

Daryl and Anne Mooney
Pair join fight against life-altering disease.
(PDF 50KB)

Ann's story
"Where do I start to say how PSP has changed the life of not only my husband but also our whole family?" Read more (PDF 11KB)

Helen Daniels
"I have been meaning to write this story for four years. It is my mother's story; or is it mine? I hope it can benefit others." Read more (PDF 8KB)

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